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Why Latex Mattresses Are a Perfect Choice for Summer

Why Latex Mattresses Are a Perfect Choice for Summer

Summer is here, and it is time to switch from woolen sweaters and blankets to breathable, lighter ones. The real struggle that you might face each year would be getting a good night’s sleep during the sweaty nights of the summer. Sleeping on a hot bed can be frustrating and uncomfortable, as you might not get enough rest after a tiring day. Even though there might be several reasons for sleeping hot, like night sweats indicating an underlying medical issue, or wearing a night dress in thick material, the real culprit would be using the wrong type of  mattress.

Choosing a natural  latex mattress  will help with quick air circulation to release the heat trapped between the foam layers and your body. As it is crafted using organic rubber derived from trees, it can be a durable choice to enjoy a deep sleep every summer. This explains why it is important to  buy mattress  made from natural materials like latex to keep you cool every nigh. Read on to learn why a  latex mattress  can be beneficial for getting undisturbed sleep throughout the night, even during hot summers.

Why Choose Latex Mattress for Summer?

No Heat Retention

The foam mattress you use might have a high heat retention ability, making it the wrong choice for sleeping on during the summer. Even when your body tries to regulate its temperature, your  mattress   will continue to radiate heat, making you sweat profusely and lose sleep. This is where the latex mattress comes in. Made from natural and organic materials, the  Ecoair Latex Mattress  can be an apt choice for every homeowner who loves to sleep well without sweating or feeling hot during the summer. This  mattress for good sleep  is designed with a unique open cell structure to prevent the air from getting locked in and to prevent your body from overheating when sleeping.

Loaded with Cooling Properties

The Ecoair Latex Mattress is made of a breathable material known for its cooling properties. It is the  best mattress for sleeping  during all seasons, especially in regions like India, which has long and extremely hot summers. This mattress is offered with a natural Tencel cover with a zipper and feels soft and cool to the touch. This Tencel cover feels smooth against your skin and keeps your body cool when lying on it. This removable cover on the latex mattress is easy to maintain and washable, making it a durable choice for summer. The breathable cover made from cool Tencel fabric keeps sweat-induced moisture away while regulating the temperature to assure deep sleeping hours.

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Natural and Organic Hypoallergenic Foam

The Ecoair Latex Mattress is created using skin-friendly and natural hypoallergenic foam extracted from rubber tree sap. The hypoallergenic foam of this mattress repels dust and microbes to keep them off the mattress. They possess excellent inherent properties to keep off bed bugs and mites, making it a healthy choice to enjoy sleeping without any allergens during the summer. The triple layers of foam present in this latex mattress are enclosed within a Tencel cover along with an external protective layer of Tencel cover to prevent microbes or dust from settling inside. So, there are no risks like respiratory issues or allergic symptoms like a cold or flu when using this hypoallergenic latex  mattress online.

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Backed by Pinhole Technology

When you choose a latex  mattress for good sleep  in the summer, it supports consistent airflow, thanks to its open-cell structure. As the foam layers are designed with pinhole technology, they support impressive breathability. The pin holes designed on the  mattress online  enable swift circulation of heat and air to maintain the ideal temperature throughout. As other types of mattresses are manufactured using harmful chemicals, they retain your body heat, making them the wrong choice for summer nights. 

Say No to Sweat and Pain

Even though there are several reasons to  buy mattress  made from organic and natural latex material, the most significant reason would be to get rid of body pain after a tiring hot day at work. The Ecoair latex mattress is the  best mattress for sleeping, as it has a lightweight construction and slightly hugs you when sleeping on it. This cuts down the chances of making you sink deep down, which makes the mattress an ideal choice to prevent your body from getting hot while sleeping. This mattress is the epitome of support and comfort while letting you sleep cool by regulating the temperature. The breathable layer of latex foam offers excellent support to your joints to relieve stiffness and pain and help you wake up fresh every day. 

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Keeps Your Spine Healthy

The busy work life and sitting for several hours at your desk can have a negative impact on your spine's health and alignment. The medium firmness of the latex mattress offers good support for your back and relieves pain from the spine. When sleeping on a regular mattress during the summer, it might retain your body heat, causing too much sweat, which in turn can leave you tossing and turning in bed. This constant twisting and turning action can put a lot of strain on your spine. The latex mattress, on the other hand, imitates your body shape and offers good support to the shoulders as well as the lower back. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or a front sleeper, this mattress will help maintain the natural shape of your spine. Plus, with uniform air circulation through the pin holes, there are no chances of turning frequently in sleep, as it keeps you cool throughout the sleeping hours.

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The natural latex material with which the mattress is designed, coupled with cool Tencel fabric, keeps away body heat while maintaining a subtle cool feel. This explains why you will fall asleep within a few minutes of hitting this soft and comfortable latex mattress even when the temperature is hot. Don’t forget to check out the latex mattress offered by Nilkamal Sleep to have a peaceful sleep free from sweat during the hot summer.

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