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Sleeping On Ecoair Latex Mattresses- Know The Countless Benefits

Sleeping On Ecoair Latex Mattresses- Know The Countless Benefits

Natural latex mattresses are in vogue these days. However, purchasing a  natural latex mattress  is a tricky task. There are numerous options available. So, as a consumer, you can need clarification about which is the  best latex mattress. After all, they all advertise attractively. However, to  buy mattress online, you should look beyond the pretty advertisement picture and know about the  benefits of latex mattress. Only after knowing the benefits, can you decide the  best sleeping mattress  for you. Luckily, we saved you from searching and reading about numerous mattresses to  buy mattress online. This  natural latex mattress  is the most popular due to its many benefits. Let’s know the various benefits of purchasing an  Ecoair latex mattress.

What Is A Ecoair Latex Mattress?

ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress  is the brand name for Doctor Dreams natural latex mattresses. This is the  best sleeping mattress  as it provides the best comfort and sleep quality. It is built using three layers of foam- natural latex foam, PU foam, and soft foam. The latex foam is made from organic latex procured from carefully selected rubber trees to maintain high quality. As organic latex is eco-friendly, supportive, and more durable, a  Ecoair latex mattress  is more comfortable to sleep in and has many health benefits. The Ecoair latex mattresses have a soft Tencel cover that ensures you sleep on a cool mattress without feeling hot or sweaty. These organic latex mattresses are available in all significant mattress sizes to fulfill your needs. The 6” height provides ample body support to promote good sleeping posture, and you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Benefits Of Ecoair Latex Mattresses

The  benefits of Ecoair latex mattress  are the main reason behind their immense popularity. Let’s know in detail the benefits of Ecoair latex mattresses: 

Comfort and Support

Ecoair latex mattresses are made up of three layers of foam. The three layers of organic latex foam, PU foam and soft foam are 6” in height. Due to their perfect height, they are suitable for a good night’s sleep. Too high or too low mattresses are not convenient for sleeping. The organic latex foam ensures restorative sleep within the lap of cooling comfort and a supportive  mattress. It is made using advanced pinhole technology that promotes easy breathability. Also, it has a perfect bounce-back capacity. So, when you sleep in ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress, it contours to the shape of your body and later bounces back to its original shape. The super soft foam layer is delightfully plush. The soft foam enhances your relaxation as you sleep. The supportive PU foam layer gives superior body support. It controls your body temperature and helps in your sound sleep. Together they offer the best sleeping comfort and body support to enhance sleep quality. 


The Ecoair latex mattresses are made from organic latex and have a natural Tencel cover. Therefore, they are more breathable than other latex mattresses. The advanced pinhole technology and organic latex’s open-cell formation ensure a constant and effortless airflow. The natural Tencel cover is smooth and soft, wicks away your sweat and regulates temperatures. So, with more breathability and temperature control, these mattresses are wonderful to use in any season. You don’t feel hot or swampy in summer or cold in winter; the breathability ensures the mattresses feel cosy and cool throughout the year. 

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Easy to Maintain/Clean

Without constant maintenance/cleaning, all mattresses gather dust. Also, sometimes they may get water spilt on them. And moisture and dust may result in spots, mould, dust mites, and mildew. With any of these on your mattress, your sleep quality and health will be compromised. There are two layers of covers in the Ecoair latex mattresses. The three foam layers are compactly packed within a secure and durable cover. So, it minimizes the chances of dust or other allergens gathering in the mattress. 

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Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic

Organic latex has the intrinsic properties of being antimicrobial and hypoallergic. So, Ecoair latex mattresses repel toxic microbes from taking residence and triggering any allergic reaction. They come with a double cover, protecting them from bacteria and fungi. With no bacteria, toxic microbes, fungi or allergens, they are suitable for health and sleep. So, they are perfectly safe for babies, the elderly, the sick or people with allergies. 

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Ecoair latex mattresses are made from organic latex or sap collected from rubber trees. When the sap is collected from rubber trees, they are not damaged or cut down. Therefore, a single rubber tree is used for many years for its sap. Most rubber trees produce sap for almost 30 years. And organic latex is biodegradable. So, when the Ecoair latex mattresses that are discarded after many years of use, they do not accumulate in any landfill, causing pollution. So, using natural latex procured from rubber trees is entirely eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment. 

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Pain Relief

Natural latex foam provides resilient body support and soft cushioning to relieve back and joint pains. It offers gentle support to your shoulders, hips, and contours to ensure you sleep comfortably. With its body contouring, you get relief in your lower back, joints and other pressure points. The natural elasticity of Ecoair latex mattresses aids in proper spine alignment. So, when you sleep on them, you get relief from joint pains and sleep in a good posture with ample support. 


The ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses are best to enhance your sleep quality, offering you a soothing and relaxing sleep. At Doctor Dreams, you get ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses made from organic latex in all sizes and at affordable prices. Along with ECOAIR™ Latex Mattresses, you can shop for stylish  beds  and other sleep essentials at  Doctor Dreams  to enjoy excellent sleeping comfort.

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