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10 reasons why you need one

New mattress: 10 reasons why you need one

Why You Might Need a New Mattress

A new mattress is sometimes required for relief to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. A consumer can opt for a variety of online bed mattress available for extra support. Some mattresses isolate motion better and have many more advantages for consumers after owning it. Sleep position and any health issues are considered while deciding on a new mattress. It is significant to comprehend what supports a mattress. 

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How do you know when to switch to memory foam mattresses or mattresses?  

1. More than 8 years old mattress 

A mattress lasts upto 7 - 10 years based on usage and warranty. It is better to get a new mattress to receive the same level of comfort and support. It should not be presumed that the mattress will last for a longer period of time. A mattress with a 20-year warranty should be properly read by consumers. The warranty is meant to cover springs and workmanship. 

2. Waking up the entire night  

Frequently waking up all night to adjust sleeping positions is a bad sign and affects sleep and health. An immediate resolution to such an issue should be taken if a person is not a victim of stress or poor sleep hygiene. Too much tossing, turning and sleep apnea affects the health of a person, and an individual should decide on a new mattress.

3. Waking up in the morning isn't refreshing.  

Sleep quality can be improved if a comfortable mattress is owned in order to get a deep sleep experience. Whenever a person wakes up and becomes lethargic or tired in the morning, the reason for the body working overtime owes to the mattress for achieving an ideal sleeping position.    

4. Aches and pains 

A mattress can even lose its capability to give out the right amount of support. As a sound sleep rejuvenates a man after an entire day of stress, a wrong mattress can have an effect on the man resulting in a stiff neck and sore back in the morning. A probable solution to such an issue is significant for getting relief. When comfort layers lose their compression, the mid-section of the body sags into the mattress. 

The individual can face pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, and he will get uncomfortable pressure points during the entire night. Such pain is a sign that an individual should go for a new mattress, and he will come to know that he is in an old mattress that is the wrong firmness of the body.  

5. A sagging mattress 

Whenever there is a sign of sagging in a mattress and visible lumps, an individual should know that it needs replacement. The individual can have body pain and aches, and pressure on the body if he continues utilising the lumpy and sagging mattress. As per sleep surveys by back experts, an increase in pain takes place if sagging and impressions are as little as 1.5 inches. 

6. Wear and tear

A dip in the middle of the mattress, stains or a more than 2-inch sinking in it are signs of wear and tear. A replacement of a mattress takes place when it ages faster and loses shape. A mattress with a better high resiliency core is better than conventional polyurethane foam for firmness and shape. 

7. Allergies 

If an individual's skin is affected, the mattress can be held responsible as it loses breathability and becomes a ground for dust mites and allergens. Such irritants can cause allergic reactions, and a suitable solution is to replace the mattress. Memory foam, latex and waterbeds are the most prone for dust mites, and they hibernate and multiply in spring mattresses. 

Maintaining proper sleep hygiene should be on the cards for keeping a mattress hygienic and fresh. Check out a mattress protector to protect the mattress from harmful bacteria, dust mites and fungi from Nilkamal Sleep online.      

8. Sleeping elsewhere

Struggling to fall asleep at night results in discomfort to anybody. Whenever someone gets a better sleep elsewhere and faces difficulty in their bed, it is an indication that the mattress should be upgraded. The individual gets to know from his or her body that better sleep and relaxation can be acquired from another mattress

9. Lifestyle change 

Lifestyle changes are ignored a lot, and an individual needs to pay attention to pregnancy, weight gain and marriage and decide for upgradation of the mattress. A mattress and its layers get affected due to changes in sleep habits and weight fluctuation. People often gain or lose weight during the life cycle of a mattress, and this can happen due to surgery, accident, pregnancy, diet or if a person ages. A mattress with a decent condition doesn't do the trick if a person's weight fluctuates. 

A particular type of mattress can be an option whenever an injury or health condition persists, such as an orthopedic mattress with advanced back and spine support. 

10. Noisy or smelly

An individual with a sleep that consists of squeaks and creeks needs to upgrade his mattress as it damages the foundation layers. A mattress becomes toxic or unhygienic when it becomes smelly and requires replacement.   


Buy a mattress online that will make it worth an investment. Prevent yourself from waking up with pain in the morning. After all, good sleep and adequate rest is the secret to your good health!

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