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Comparison of Queen Size Bed Mattress Dimensions With Other Mattresses

Comparison of Queen Size Bed Mattress Dimensions With Other Mattresses

Queen size bed  is the most popular  bed  size for most families. As a  queen bed  is purchased more than any other  bed, so a  queen size bed mattress  is also purchased more than any other bed mattress. There are numerous reasons for the significant purchase of queen-size beds. A  queen size bed  is suitable for any bedroom size or type, from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. It doesn’t occupy the whole room, leaving space to move around and keep other furniture. The  queen bed price  is affordable to most people, which is the reason for its popularity. Also, queen size bed dimensions  are ideal for two adults comfortably sleeping on it without bed space constraints. 

However, is a  queen size bed mattress  right for your bedroom? What if another  mattress  size might work well than the queen mattress? So, you should know the size and dimensions of queen-size mattresses and compare them to other bed mattresses. To help you, we have easily reached the sizes and dimensions of different mattresses with the queen mattress. Read ahead for the comparisons and ways to decide if the  queen bed  mattress is right for you.

Different sizes of bed Mattresses

  • Single: It is the smallest bed mattress with 72”x36” dimensions. It is ideal for a single sleeper, so it is best for guest rooms, kid’s rooms or studio apartments. 
  • Twin: The twin mattress is a slightly wider version of a  single mattress. It measures 72”x42”. It is also suitable for a healthy single sleeper because it has more bed space. 
  • Queen- Queen size mattress  is the most popular type of mattress. They measure 72”x60”. It is mainly used for the master bedroom and is ideal for two people sleeping in it together. The  queen size bed dimensions  give plenty of sleeping space with some extra space to move around. 
  • Queen XL- The queen XL is the bigger version of the queen mattress. It has the dimension 72”x66”. It is suitable for a couple who need extra space to sleep. 
  • King- The  king mattress  is 72” x72” in dimension. It is larger than a queen mattress and suitable for big bedrooms. It is ideal for couples who sleep with their kid or pet or want more space on their bed. 
  • King XL- The king XL of, dimensions 72”x 78”, is for people who want to sleep luxuriously. It is the most comprehensive mattress available that can comfortably accommodate a couple with their kid with adequate space. The king mattress is for spacious bedrooms with ample space for other furniture pieces.  

Comparing Queen Size mattresses with other mattresses

Queen vs Single Mattresses

Single mattresses are suitable for single or bunk beds for guests and kids’ rooms. They are 36” in width, which is adequate for a single sleeper. Whereas a Queen mattress is similar to them in length but is wider with a 60” width. It is perfect for both single and couple sleepers. Queen XL will be perfect for a couple who wants to sleep with extra  bed  space.  

Queen vs Twin Mattresses

Twin mattresses measure 42” in width. If two people sleep on them, they each will have 21” of sleeping space. So, they can sleep on a twin mattress without movement or on their sides. Each queen mattress will have 30”, enough space to sleep comfortably. 

Queen vs King and King XL Mattresses

King mattresses are 72” in width, which is 12” more than queen and king XL are 78” wide. So, both have enough space for two or even three people to sleep with ample space. But a bigger king or king XL mattress means a bigger bed and a bigger room. So, king and king XL mattresses are suitable only for big bedrooms, not for average or small bedrooms. At the same time, a Queen bed is suitable for small, average or large bedrooms. 

All You Wanted To Know About Queen Size Mattress

Let’s understand the comparison in tabular form for easy understanding:

Type of Mattress


Recommended Bedroom size

Individual benefits


72” x36”

Small bedroom, Guest bedroom

Enough room for a single sleeper


72”x 42”

Small bedroom, Guest bedroom

Extra room for a single sleeper 


72” x 60”

Large to a small bedroom, guest room

Enough room for a couple

Queen XL

72” x 66”

Large to a mid-size bedroom

Extra space for a couple


72” x 72” 

Large Bedroom

Great for couples who need extra space or sleep with a kid or a pet

King XL

72” x 78” 

Large and spacious bedroom

Great for a couple with a kid with extra space

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Deciding if a Queen mattress is the best size for you

To decide if a queen mattress is the right size for you, you consider the following things: 

  • Who will sleep- Choosing the mattress size depends on how many people will sleep on it and how they sleep. For a couple, a single mattress is not suitable. Whereas if you are a restless sleeper, on your back and stomach, or with your kid, you need extra space. 
  • Physical size- Another thing to consider is the physical size of sleepers. Extra inches on the body require larger space. So, a queen mattress may be a bit congested. 
  • Bedroom size- You also need to choose the bed and mattress size depending on your bedroom size. For a large bedroom, a queen bed may seem a tad small. Also, if your bedroom is extra small, a queen bed may not fit. 
  • Budget- Your budget for a new mattress also plays a vital role in the decision-making. Queen bed price  are reasonable as compared to king mattresses. Similarly, the king-size bed will be more expensive than the queen bed. The queen mattress is the best choice when you are on a tight budget. 

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Once you have considered all the possibilities, deciding whether the  queen size mattress  is suitable for you becomes easy. After deciding on the right mattress size, go to the  Nilkamal Sleep  to purchase the most comfortable, durable, and affordable mattress.

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